St. Xavier’s School, Behror is a Christian minority School under the management of the Jesuits of Delhi Province of the Society of Jesus, an international Catholic Religious Order. The School which was inaugurated in 1991 in a Dharm Shala (Yadav Dharm Shala) in Behror moved to the present location and is catering to the children of the workers of the nearby industries, villages, and the children from the Central Industrial Security Force Training Center.

Jesuit Education is inspired by a vision drawn from the life and teachings of Jesus Christ who has always been respected and admired by the people of our country. It is also based on the principles of character formation elaborated by the founder of the Society of Jesus. This vision and these principles give Jesuit Educational Institutions a specific character which in turn set before their staff, students, and parents, high ideals of humanism and service. People connected to the School are invited continually to strive to achieve these ideals.

Our School as that of other Jesuit Schools aims at the integral and personal formation of the young. To accomplish this –

  • Students are helped to become mature, spiritually oriented men and women of character;
  • Students are encouraged continually to strive for excellence in every field;
  • Students are made to value and to judiciously use their freedom;
  • Students are prepared to be clear and firm on principles and courageous in action;
  • Students are equipped to be unselfish in the service of their fellow human beings; and
  • Students are readied to become agents of needed social change in the country.

Thus our school aims at making its own contribution towards a radical transformation of present day social condition, so that the principles of social justice, equality of opportunity, genuine freedom and respect for religious and moral values enshrined in the Constitution of India may prevail and the possibility of living a fully human existence may be opened to all.

Our School is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for All India Secondary School Examination (Class X) and for All India Senior School Certificate Examination (Class XII).

Though an English Medium, the School gives due place to Hindi, the national language.

In the School most of the activities are conducted under House System. To foster and to encourage team spirit and cooperation the School divided into four houses. Activities like dramatics, elocution, music and dance, sports and games are carried out under the guidance of House Moderators with the assistance of Physical Education teachers and Captains and Vice-captains. Annually our School organizes Educational Tours too.

Moreover, students are encouraged to participate in supervised/coached games in the evenings. Activities in the fields help the students develop sportsmanship and a healthy spirit of competition. Though achieving a high level of individual performance is strongly commended, fostering the spirit of teamwork is even more vigorously insisted upon.

St. Xavier’s School Behror
St.Xavier’s School, Behror is a Christian minority School under the management of the Jesuits of Delhi Province of the Society of Jesus, an international Catholic Religious Order

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